Online and Phone Support


Are you struggling to find affordable dog training? Can’t commit to a regular class time? Or can’t access your usual classes due to Covid-19 restrictions? Then our Ultimate Online Training Package is for you! Have a dog trainer in your pocket – contact as often as you like via WhatsApp for ongoing support for a full year! Unlike other training courses available, ours is fully personalised to what you and your dog actually want to work on.

  1. A personal training plan will be designed for you and you will receive detailed, easy-to-follow video guides and written advice on how to train your dog.
  2. Ask any questions you have at any point – our trainer is always available to offer help and support.
  3. You can then send back videos of your training sessions in order to receive coaching and tips to continue your dog’s progress.
  4. Any new training requirements that crop up during your training year will also be addressed!

Cost: £75

Phone Consultation

If your dog is showing worrying behaviour at home or out on walks it can be hard to know why they are doing it and how to help them. During your Behavioural Phone Call we will discuss the issues you are having, why your dog is behaving this way, how to manage their environment so that your training will be effective and how to start their training. The phone call offers a fast route to access professional advice so that you can be confident of what to do and what not to do with your dog to start improving their behaviour. Depending on the situation it may then be recommended to follow up your phone call with a training session in person. All training advice is personal to you and your dog’s situation, so you’ll be able to apply the information confident in the knowledge that the training is the best match to your dog. 
Suitable for any training issue but common topics include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Reactivity on walks
  • Not sleeping at night
  • Toilet training
  • Guarding behaviours

Cost: £25 for a 30 minute phone call