Dog ownership is about enjoying the company of your canine companion, safe in the knowledge that they are going to behave in a socially acceptable (for people and dogs!) manner. For many owners, this seems like a pipe dream.

Clever Canine Dog Training aims to enable owners to understand why their dog is doing what it’s doing, and to teach the dog an alternative behaviour that is rewarding for the dog and the owner. By coaching owners, we give you the skills to continue your dog’s education throughout their lives, and the confidence to tackle training challenges and when they arrive.

We only use force-free reward based training methods. This means no choke, prong, spray or electric collars, and no physical or mental intimidation of your dog to achieve training goals. Instead we use rewards to make the dog enjoy complying with us, and more likely to repeat the behaviour in the future. The reward can be anything your dog likes – such as food, a toy or a fuss – so that we can adapt the training to a variety of real life scenarios to ensure the fastest progress.

Emily trained as a vet before realising that her true calling lay in helping people to understand their dogs. After studying veterinary medicine she moved abroad for several years and helped establish the first ever dog training and boarding centre in Laos, where she worked with everything from aggressive adults to cute puppies out and about for the first time. On returning to the UK, Emily worked with the Dogs Trust as the Head Coach of the South Wales Dog School and completed her training qualifications to become a fully accredited member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, whose examinations she passed with full marks. Emily has a wealth of experience training and rehabilitating a wide range of dogs, and the scientific training to understand why your dog is doing what it’s doing.